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Tips That New Cam Models Need to Know

Any cam model who’s just starting her camming career probably has a few questions about how to do things correctly. In fact, she may even need a few pointers on things that she doesn’t know about yet. If you’re on the hunt for just that kind of information, you’re in luck – you’ll find it below. Whether you’re hoping to succeed on a popular cam site, or you want to get mentioned on sites like Ready Set Cam as one of the top amateur OnlyFans accounts, the advice you’re about to read can help you achieve your goals.

Setting Boundaries and Expectations

In general, your viewers will treat you according to the way you act. How does this play out in an actual cam show? Here are some examples.

  • Don’t feel obligated to say yes to everything

Pretty much every cam girl will have personal boundaries that she doesn’t want to cross during a show. At the same time, she’ll probably get occasional requests to cross those very lines. Does she please the viewer, or does she respect her own boundaries? The second option is the best choice every time. If a cam girl will literally do anything regardless of personal preference just to please her viewers, that’s a recipe for low self-esteem and burnout.

  • Remember that although the customer may be king, you’re the queen

Even if it’s just part of your act, you should communicate (whether nonverbally or otherwise) that you’re the goddess who deserves her audience’s attention. Of course, an exception should be made if you’re playing the part of a submissive, but in general you should act like you’re the star of the show – because you actually are.

  • Act appreciative, but not desperate

As a cam girl, your success is dependent on your viewers as much as it is on you. However, you shouldn’t act like you owe everything to whoever shows up to your performances. Remember, you’re doing them a favor just as much as they’re doing you a favor. Even if you’re absolutely thrilled when you see your viewer count go up, try to act cool about it on camera. It’s certainly appropriate to express appreciation to your viewers, but you don’t have to make it sound like you owe them everything just for being there.

Mental Preparation

Even though the show must go on, you also have to acknowledge that you’re only human. You won’t always feel in the mood for a cam show, but there are ways to get motivated without pushing yourself too hard.

  • Remember that it’s fine to be shy

Some cam girls struggle with maintaining a confident aura, when on the inside they feel anything but. If this is the case with you, it might help to realize that a ton of guys are turned on by shyness in women. It makes you seem innocent and naïve, which adds to their enjoyment of your performance.

  • Be your own hype man

Music is great for getting in the mood – even if you’re just trying to get in the mood for a cam show! You might want to try seductive music that’ll awaken your sexual side, or something more upbeat to get you hyped up.

  • Make some notes on what to include in your performance

If you aren’t really feeling it, that could make it tough to put on a show that’s both spontaneous and exciting. To keep yourself on track, you could write down a basic plan for the performance. With something like that to guide you, you’ll be able to focus on what to do, rather than what you’ll have to think of next.

Technical Preparation

If you’re just a beginner webcam model trying her luck with a few cam shows, there’s no need to get all that sophisticated. If you’re trying to stand out from the competition, though, there are a few technical details that are important to consider.

  • Place the webcam near the chat window

It’s good to make your viewers feel like you’re paying attention to them, either by looking into the webcam, or by acknowledging the text chats. If you’re always switching your gaze from one to the other, though, you could appear distracted. The solution is to align the webcam near the chat window, so that you’ll barely have to glance away to look at one or the other.

  • Play some music

As far as setting the mood goes, music can be the icing on the cake. It should more or less match the tone of your performance, obviously, and it should also stay in the background (rather than overpowering your voice).

  • Use good lighting

If you want to enhance your natural beauty on camera, one of the most important things you could do is use good lighting. Natural sunlight is best, but if that isn’t available, use other light sources that cast a broad, natural-looking light. Fluorescent bulbs aren’t a great option, and you should also avoid light sources from extreme angles.

  • Get fast internet

There are few better ways to ruin the mood than by streaming a cam show using inadequate internet. From a grainy image, to lagging audio and video quality, this will disrupt the viewers’ experiences; it could also prompt some of them to leave in search of higher-quality shows. As long as your internet has a minimum upload speed of 3MB/S, you should be in good shape.

  • Invest in a decent webcam

Fast internet won’t do you much good if you’re broadcasting in 480p. Your viewers will want to see every detail, and for that you’ll need an HD webcam (720p or higher). Logitech is a brand that’s known for its reliable budget webcams, so if you don’t have a ton of money to spend on equipment, that’s a great place to start.

The Takeaway

There’s nothing quite like experience to give polish to a cam girl’s performances, but some expert advice can be a pretty good substitute. By combining these tips with your own natural abilities, you’ll be wowing viewers before you know it.

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