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How The Internet Has Changed Pornography

Even before the internet, pornography has always been something in our lives. We all took a sneak peek at the top shelf when visiting our local convenience store, maybe purchasing classic Playboy calendars or regularly past a porn store. Although how we come across porn has changed, it’s still very much there. Some of the most visited websites worldwide are porn sites, demonstrating the vast demand humans still have for it.

Live porn, on the other hand, wasn’t quite as accessible. Although you may have heard about “peep shows,” which appeared very popular in the 80s and at New York Times Square, this was the closest you would get to live pornography. Peep shows allowed people to sit in a private booth, with nothing between them and the models but a transparent window. These customers would insert coins, typically a quarter at a time, and the curtain would lift, where they could watch the live show.

This article examines several ways the internet has changed the porn industry forever.

How has the internet impacted porn?

The internet has changed pornography tremendously. It’s more accessible than ever. A quick Google search will pull up thousands of sites hosting millions of images and videos. Higher definition than ever before, and precisely what we are looking for. We are truly spoilt for options.

That also applies to live porn. At least a dozen websites host thousands of live webcam models. If you don’t know where to start, some sites list the best live porn sites so that you can find them all in one place. It’s no wonder these platforms have such heavy usage.

This type of accessibility works for more people. People who may not have been able to leave their homes (maybe because of family). People who may have felt too shy to walk into a store. Now, you can wake up, reach for your phone, and access whatever you like within seconds!

Porn is free

Free porn didn’t exist before the internet. But now, it’s everywhere. You can watch videos, live cam models, check out images, and much more without spending a cent. The only time you would ever reach into your pocket is if you’re looking for something more premium. But it’s not mandatory, and there is more free porn than you could ever get through.

Porn is less censored: Porn is also much less censored since the invention of the internet. We are well past the days of implied nudity and teasing poses. You can see things close up, in the highest definition.

You can engage with Pornstars: You can engage with the most famous pornstars nowadays. Before the internet, these women of your wet dreams were nothing more than a magazine cover. Thanks to social media sites like X and Fansites like CandyCrib, we can now instantly message these prominent stars and get a response shortly after.

It’s Private

Some people may imagine themselves as more vulnerable on the internet, with less privacy. But this isn’t the case. So long as you’re watching harmless porn, you have all the privacy in the world. Whether deleting your history after or using a private window, you can browse, chat, and play in the complete privacy of your own home.

In Short: Pornography has gotten more popular since the internet. All of the above reasons have probably played a part in that. The internet has made porn less creepy and more fun—something for anyone to browse, men and women, and enjoy.

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