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Do Guys Make Money on OnlyFans?

Are you one of those who still believe that males can’t make money on OnlyFans? Well, we suggest changing your mind because the trend has completely changed in the past. There are thousands of male models earning handsomely through this amazing site.

They may have to face a little bit of extra struggle compared to females for obvious reasons. Most men make money through live cam shows and private videos. If you aren’t uncomfortable doing such stuff, adult platforms might not be the ideal choice. Let us explain how guys can increase their chances of making money on OnlyFans!

Sharing Free Stuff on Sites like Reddit

Beginners can use a simple trick by sharing free photos on Reddit to grab subscribers to their channel. According to recent research, one can expect a sharp growth in new subscribers. It can allow creators to make solid money in the long run.

Instagram Promotion

Everyone will accept that it is easy to discover male OnlyFans content creators on a larger scale on Instagram. It is a wonderful method for promoting your content to the audience. Although promoting on this site is free, please keep their strict protocols about adult content in mind. Using the right approach, nearly 2-3% of total Instagram followers can be conveniently converted into OnlyFans subscribers.

Rewarding Regular Tippers

What do you believe is the major reason for tipping others? Well, the major reason to do such an act is to show appreciation and get noticed by the content creator. When someone builds a large community, there is a chance that few individuals will purchase almost everything. Rewarding such tippers by sending direct messages or offering them extra services would be best.

YouTube Vlogging

We all know YouTube is one of the world’s biggest search engines. Posting videos regularly on this platform can inform subscribers about your daily activity and even increase OnlyFans subscribers. It is a great method for building your subscribers organically and making potential earnings of thousands in the future. You can use many methods, like influencer marketing and paid marketing, to drive people to your OnlyFans account on YouTube.

Selling Merchandise

If someone asks for a modern method of making money online, selling merchandise is best. Plenty of sites like Redbubble and Teespring allow users to upload images and descriptions on shirts, mugs, etc. Whenever someone buys merchandise, it gives money direct to the bank account. Also, it can allow your account to look apart from the competition.

Posting Content Daily

Do you know that the frequency of posting content daily plays a very critical role in making a channel famous? As we have already written, males must put extra effort into earning money on OnlyFans. If an individual posts content daily, it shows the value for the creators. We think posting at least a single photo or video is the minimum to do daily to achieve success.


OnlyFans is a solid platform allowing males and females to sell their talent and personality. When content gets added rightfully, it can grab the attention of millions in many cases and allow the creators to make huge money.

Although we accept that a handy majority of content creators on this platform are females, it doesn’t take away the chance for males to make money and become famous. Tricks mentioned in this post can be put into marketing the content and getting famous.

What are your views about how much money can males make on OnlyFans? Feel free to write about it in the comment section!

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