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Quality hairy women fetish sites have been slowly dying out over the years, but this site is brand new and quickly becoming one of the top sites on the internet. TGP posts are out and tubes are in, right? Uhairy takes you into the future as well as allows you to experience good times from the past.

Being all-natural used to be the norm in the past, but women have been going crazy in recent years with the razor. Luckily it seems like more and more women are getting the courage to start saying no to those evil scratch razors.

This site is an all-in-one package when it comes to finding the right content to relieve yourself at the end of the day. You will find everything on here from hairy pussies, hairy legs, hairy armpits, hairy assholes, and any other hairy part on the female body. The main sections are picture galleries, videos, cams, and even a blog.

Extreme Quality Content

Yes, everything on this site is affiliate content, but don’t let that fool you. The owner of this site runs a few of the biggest hairy subs on reddit and is very active in the fetish community, so he holds high standards for what is posted. Most free adult sites function similar to auto-blogs and post the same garbage as other sites, but not this one. All galleries and videos are handpicked and curated which is awesome for the most part, but it does have its drawbacks. Content updates are not always the fastest because the owner is very picky about what is posted. That’s not really that bad of a thing, is it?

The site has quite a bit less content than the older established websites, but that’s what happens when you focus on quality and not quantity.

There have been beautiful women since the beginning of time, so you will find new content being posted on here that is decades old. Beauty knows no age.

Cool Features

Websites are not as fun when there is no way to find what you are looking for right? The in-house search feature is out of this world because it allows you to narrow your search down. Do you want to find a pregnant bbw with big tits, glasses, hairy legs, hairy armpits, red hair, and is Asian? Easy to do with the dropdown and checkbox advanced search function.

Do you like amateur hairy girls and want links to their Onlyfans and Linktree? The owner works with lots of girls from reddit and posts pics of them and links to their content. Some girls also submit galleries to be posted.

All galleries have a 5-star rating feature that is useful, unlike most sites. There are a handful of “top 20” pages so you can see the top girls with hairy armpits, hairy legs, hairy pussies, big tits, etc.

There is a cams subweb that pulls in models from a few different sites, so the area functions as a built-in cam area so you don’t need to go offsite to see cams. These are the same cam models you see on every other site, but still a feature nonetheless.

The blog section has a few niche-related articles and polls which are posted from time to time. The articles are all about anti-shaving, natural beauty, body odor. all the good stuff that goes hand-in-hand with having a hairy woman fetish.

The Dreaded Question. How Annoying Are the Ads?

The truth is that there would be no porn sites if webmasters didn’t make any money. This site has a few tricks up its sleeve and has gone old school with traffic trading on its content until it gets more well established, but you have a 90% chance to hit the content which is way better than most traders. There is a single ad in each gallery and sidebar for videos, but they go to the pay site, and it’s not spammy.

There are quite a few cam ads on the sidebar for desktops and inline for mobile, but it’s all custom code and kinda cool. All hairy cam models are pulled from the top cam companies and stored in a database. Clicks and views are tracked and analyzed which makes the end result quite agreeable. You get the most popular hairy cam models displayed on screen in a non-popunder fashion with real thumbnails.

Final Thoughts

This site is very unique and the quality makes it shine way brighter than the rest. All of the content is aimed at your pleasure and not artsy shit. There truly is something for everyone on here, but you may need to use the search to find it (which is simple). Hell… The tube section has hairy sub-categories which are unheard of anywhere else.

Huge variety of niche content Easy and robust search engine Clean & user-friendly interface All pages are mobile responsive Tube allows user submission Limited new content each day
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